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Our Work With Steady Consulting

We have been working with Steady Consulting to help improve their SEO and keyword ranking. To start we identified pages that were underperforming, we went in and solved these problems. Following this, we started work on optimizing the page titles and descriptions. SEO is not a fast process, these steps took us time. Once we saw the website ranking for keywords, we wanted. we started to create localized page for Steady consulting allowing them to get more local work within their local area. 



Google search console

this is how we see how many impressions and clicks the website gets. you can also see when steady consulting started to work with us. The purple line indicates impressions and the blue line indicates clicks



SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Pages. This shows where steady consulting is tracking for each keyword



Project Name

We have also been using steady consulting as our business coach and found tremendous value in his skills and knowledge. Helping our agency grow in the right direction. Allowing us to help and support our clients further. 

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